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Debt Recovery

MPH advocates recovers debts in a close cooperation with a renowned collecting agency Gordic Collect. Therefore, we rank among the best ones within this segment. We have already been recovering debts in such a close cooperation since 2003. This cooperation ensures effective provision of comprehensive services in this area from already the early and initial stage of debt recovery, debt analysis and their legal background to the representation in complex lawsuits.

We provide our clients with effective consultancy in such a way so as to achieve the maximum recovery possible in individual cases. Due to the foregoing, we are one of the most successful law firms in terms of effectivity and amounts recovered. We regularly review contracts and terms and conditions in a close interaction with institutionalised clients. Dynamic lawsuits place great demands on us, judicial practise is developing fast and our experts attempt to come up with innovative opinions and effective legal solutions.

MPH advocates is one of the few law firms which employ field workers collecting debts personally.

Legal consulting provided by MPH advocates in the area of debt recovery includes in particular:

  • drafting contracts and terms and conditions
  •  out-of-court debt recovery
  •  call-centre services
  • personal debt collection
  • consulting in connection with the sale or purchase of claims
  • investigation of debtors' property and its analysis
  • debt recovery in court in all phases
  • representing clients in arranging out-of-court settlements
  •  preparation of repayment schedules and monitoring of whether these are adhered to
  •  enforcement procedures
  • representation in reminder procedures.