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Commercial Law, Company Law, M&A

MPH advocates provides legal services predominantly in the area of commercial law. Our law firm aims to provide professional legal services in the given area in a way which enables our clients to conduct their business activities undisturbedly. MPH advocates  provides legal services in connection with the formation of companies, overall legal administration of companies, consultancy in transactions, their structuring, support in negotiating contracts, drafting, creating and subsequent review of contracts. 

Legal consulting provided by MPH advocates in the area of commercial law and company law includes in particular:

  • formation of companies
  • overall administration of companies
  • optimisation of legal relationships concerning companies
  • proposing shareholding structure
  • preparing and conducting general meetings
  • performing changes in commercial registers
  • securities law
  • structuring transactions from the tax optimisation perspective
  • resolving relationships between shareholders
  • resolving disputes between shareholders of companies
  •  proposing legal restructuring of a business.

We naturally communicate with our clients on a regular basis in order to keep them updated at the relevant time on upcoming legislation and developments to ensure that their business activities and companies are in compliance with law. 

MPH advocates regularly performs due diligence in companies, i.e. legal audit aimed at the identification and resolution of legal disputes which arise from or are related to the companies' business. The extent of due diligence depends on clients' needs and size and range of activities carried on by a company. Having performed due diligence, the client obtains our suggestions and recommendations for optimum forms and structure of the given transaction. We subsequently advise our clients in the entire process of such transaction, including the negotiations with the opposing party, drafting and reviewing transaction documents and closing of transaction. The services provided by us regularly encompass post-transaction activities, including the representation before regulatory and financial institutions. 

The members of our team have considerable expertise in the area of legal audits and due diligence performed in prominent international as well as domestic companies. We provide transaction consulting especially in connection with selling and purchasing businesses, transfers of rights, real estate, claims, packs of claims and parts of business. Share deals and asset deals are done as a matter of course. Our clients include important funds, banks, international companies, domestic companies, institutional investors and family offices.

Legal consulting provided by MPH advocates in the area of M&A and due diligence includes in particular:

  • performing due diligence
  • assessing all risks, implications of transaction, including any possible future obligations
  • tax implications of transactions
  • mergers
  • cross-border mergers
  • analysis of intracompany environment, including the relationships with the statutory bodies of companies
  • analysis of employment relationships
  • assessment of risks of any potential white-collar crimes
  • assessment of potential risks from the compliance and corporate governance perspective
  • assessment of potential impact of third country investigative authorities on the business activities of acquired entity and its potential further obligations
  • assessment of potential corporate criminal liability and impact on the statutory body of companies 
  • drafting, reviewing and negotiating transaction documents
  • representing clients in proceedings before relevant regulatory entities approving transactions
  • assessment of compliance with data protection and consumer protection laws in the acquired entity.

Our team also greatly benefits from the fact that it is comprised of legal experts as well as tax and accounting experts and experts specialising in managing the business value.